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Krystyne offers a variety of online marketing services, at TaylorSmithDesign.com, for both new business start ups and those who need a little online boost:

~ Managed and DIY social media options.

~ Foundational and organic Search Engine Optimization Services, including Local SEO and external directory linking services.

~ Wordpress install, hosting and set up: specializing in affordable author's and small business webpages.

~ eCommerce consulting.

~ Take control of your online reputation with our review management service and/or software.

~ Graphic design for online, logos, social media.

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  • Jun 28, 2023 by Anthony Incaviglia

    Pleased customer, highly recommend.

  • Jun 27, 2023 by Randi Bowslaugh

    Awesome service

  • Apr 09, 2023 by Darcy Richardson

    Krystyne came to our meeting prepared and with tons of valuable knowledge to share. I sincerely appreciate her work and all that she does to help others improve their business. Thank you for being such a genuine, caring person Krystyne, your professionalism is noticed!

  • Sep 20, 2021 by Steve Conway

    very helpful and determined to get job done right

  • Jun 03, 2021 by Eunice Tang

    I'm very pleased working with Kyrs. She knows what she's doing. She's not pushy, she works at your own pace. I love this about her! Further, I've managed to receive more google potential clients from her help.

  • Apr 08, 2021 by Jonathan Boey

    Krystyne is very knowledgeable about various social media platforms and looks for innovative solutions to expand social media presence across multiple platforms and deliver the best results. If you are looking to spruce up your businesses social media presence contact Krystyne at Taylor Smith Design.

  • Mar 25, 2021 by matt stickland

    went into a meeting with not fully knowing what i wanted. krystyne was so knowledgeable and informative, she made me feel comfortable with my lack of knowledge. pleasure meeting with her and look forward to working together.

  • Mar 25, 2021 by Scott Davis

    Krystyne at Taylor Smith designs will help bring your business to the world. She works with you to improve your social media presence. She has helped me to build my business through improving my internet presence.

  • Mar 08, 2021 by ANGELA LEE

    Krystyne is very helpful. She is very dedicated in getting your social media presence. Krystne's enthusiasm for what she does is infectious. Really appreciate her attention to detail.

  • Mar 04, 2021 by Fred Hutton

    Very helpful and a great personality

  • Mar 04, 2021 by Peter Albers

    Krystyne is very knowledgeable and can help you find what you're missing when it comes to social media.

  • Mar 04, 2021 by Santino Perri

    Kristine shows great professionalism and high skill level of graphic design and creativity. Recommend her 100% for your social media needs.

  • Mar 04, 2021 by Fred Hutton

    Great personality and very helpful

  • Feb 25, 2021 by Paul Scheib

    Krystyne 'looks' for the gaps or the weaknesses (she doesn't need to be asked). Always has lots of suggestions and fixes. Very proactive and passionate about perfection. Fun too. I strongly recommend.

  • Feb 25, 2021 by Paul Scheib

    Krystyne 'looks' for the gaps or the weaknesses (she doesn't need to be asked). Always has lots of suggestions and fixes. Very proactive and passionate about perfection. Fun too. I strongly recommend.

  • Jan 22, 2021 by Randi-Lee BowslaughAlderson

    Krystyne was super professional and helpful. I was lost before she helped me set up my author website. She told me exactly what she needed from me and helped me every step of the way.

  • Dec 10, 2020 by Natasha DiCienzo

    Krystyne of Taylor smith designs is so passionate about social media marketing. Recommend checking out her DIY social media offering.

  • Oct 27, 2020 by Jacqui DeBique

    Krystyne Taylor-Smith of TaylorSmithDesign.com | A little bit of everything online was a joy to work with for the migration of my website from one host to another and to transition it to a more modern content management system! More than being responsive, which I expect from any professional, she was proactive and 100% solutions-oriented. Her knowledge is such that she could somehow make sense of my vague/cryptic answers to her questions. I always had absolute faith that Krys would get the job done, done on time and done right! Hope to work with her again and highly recommend her services!!

  • Oct 27, 2020 by Jade Wilton Watson

    I have been using TaylorSmithSocialMedia.com for 2 businesses for more than a year now and love it! It makes scheduling my social media posts on ALL my accounts very easy! Would highly recommend